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Our vision is to create a world where everyone can manage their health in one click. Our ecosystem strategy with its e-commerce core will enable us to expand and move into broader healthcare solutions. And our mission is to provide a full digital healthcare ecosystem experience.

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The Zur Rose Group is at the start of building the European Healthcare Ecosystem. We have big ambitions and work on to push the boundaries in healthcare both internally and with our strategic partners, to create people-centric healthcare. We are not just another tech company. We look at the horizon and strive to bring the future closer. We are entrepreneurs that strive to deliver up to our dreams.

Zur Rose Group Careers
From left to right: Florian Seubert, Volker Amelung, Thomas Schneider, Walter Oberhänsli, Stefan Feuerstein, Christian Mielsch
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Pharmacy marketplace in Spain

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Pharmacy marketplace in France

0 66

Million CHF turnover in 2020


The German market

The Germany segment includes all activities related to digital holistic health care - from diagnosis during online doctor consultations to pharmaceutical advice and the required medication, health product or digital health service. With over 10 million active customers, DocMorris is the #1 online pharmacy in Germany and has a 64% brand awareness score. In 2020, net outside sales in Germany was 1,096 million CHF. We also lead the telemedicine market with our TeleClinic platform and with our eHealth-Tec brand we are the leading provider of health tech solutions in the prescription process.

0 #1

Online pharmacy in Germany

0 64%

DocMorris brand awareness in Germany

0 1096

Million CHF external revenue in 2020

International brands & colleagues

Our colleagues come from all corners of the world bringing with them diverse perspectives and talents, languages and culture, all operating together across markets: Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. 
We are the #1 online pharmacy in Europe, buidling on this achievement with a renewed vision of becoming the leaders in digtial health solutions across the European market. You can find the Zur Rose Group in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands with more markets to follow. The way we do it is with a truly international team. You will be working with talented colleagues from all over the world providing a fantastic environment to work, learn and grow.

Large market – low online penetration

#1 position: size, brand, tech, know-how

eRx Opportunity

Ecosystem Ramp-up

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