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Medbase and Zur Rose

In collaboration with the Zur Rose Group, we have launched two distinct joint ventures. The roll out of shop-in-shop pharmacies in Migros supermarket branches and a webshop for consumer health and personal care products.


of shop-in-shop pharmacies

Shop-in-shop pharmacies in Switzerland’s biggest supermarket chain means customers have greater convenience and the opportunity to combine their daily shopping at Migros, with buying medicines and pharmacy-exclusive healthcare and cosmetic products.

Find us here: Shop-in-shop pharmacie in Migros supermarket, Marktgasse 46, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

convenient access to health products and services 

The second joint venture between Medbase and Zur Rose is an e-commerce partnership.At the beginning of 2022, we will be operating a joint webshop for consumer health and personal care products, again under the Zur Rose brand. The webshop as an open marketplace where other partners can also offer their products.

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