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Our ecosystem approach to health journeys means combining our expertise, online and offline health solutions such as connected devices, online diagnostics, access to online and offline consultations, e-prescriptions, online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies, disease specific apps and management tools - just to mention a few. Focused on addressing people’s unmet needs, these new interconnected health solutions and collaborations will remove friction from the end-to-end health experience for the benefit of people, elevating pain points and enabling a better management of their chronic conditions.


Access to care for people living with obesity

Obesity is a global health emergency. There are currently over 650 million [1] people living with obesity worldwide, over 13 percent [1] of the global population, 20 percent [2] of the European population and 25 per cent [3] of the German population.

To better support people living with obesity, we joined forces with Novo Nordisk. Together, we designed a health journey that enables people living with obesity to address weight loss, mental health, obesity sigmas and empowers people with obesity to better understand their condition and take better healthcare decisions. The obesity health journey was implemented in Germany early 2021 and aims to expand across Europe. The DocMorris adipositas care hub, a central piece of the collaboration, links people with obesity to tailored treatment options such as medication, digital therapeutics and surgery, facilitating access to specialized doctors online via TeleClinic and offline healthcare professionals via, a tool to locate healthcare practitioners with obesity expertise in Germany.

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DocMorris Adipositas Care


Diabetes management

We are collaborating with Roche to empower people with diabetes and their caregivers in their daily therapy management. In Europe, there are 60 million people living with diabetes, i.e. approximately 9 percent of the population older than 20 years [1].

Our collaboration will connect our healthcare products and solutions with those of best-in-class third parties to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Customers will benefit from an integrated shared offering, including convenient access to self-management solutions including MySugr, telemedicine services such as TeleClinic, scripts and refills, diabetes management supplies and devices, data visualisation and decision support tools. This offering will become available in Germany as a first market in 2022 and is foreseen to be expanded to other European markets. It will focus primarily on people living with type 2 diabetes, which accounts for about 90 per cent of all diabetes cases.

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