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Let’s rethink healthcare together. Our vision is to create a world where everyone can manage their health in one click.. Our mission is to consistently innovate consumers’ health journeys for better lives, collaborating with 3rd parties when needed to provide best-in-class, convenient, personalized treatments and digital health solutions via a seamless experience.

Innovating healthcare

Making the impossible possible

The power of digital is immense and has proven to enable the impossible. In the past, there are many things we would have thought impossible, until someone came around and proved the opposite.

It wasn’t possible to get the information of the world in one place easily. Until Google.

It wasn’t possible to have all your friends in one place, across the world. Until Facebook.

It wasn’t possible to have the products you needed in one place. Until Amazon.

In healthcare, it hasn’t been possible to manage every aspect of your health in one place. Maybe soon we will be able to say: until it was.

Rethinking healthcare

Building the European ehealth ecosystem together

Creating the future of a people-centric healthcare becomes scalable and sustainable when we embrace the ecosystem approach. Instead of selling isolated health products or digital health solutions, the time has come to connect these health products and solutions in a way that is convenient, enhances care and its access for people living with different conditions. The ecosystem approach also means joining forces, bringing together our competencies, solutions and technologies, we have everything we need already in our hands: connected devices, online diagnostics, telemedicine, e-prescriptions, online pharmacies, disease specific apps – just to mention a few. Focused on addressing people’s unmet needs, these new interconnected health solutions and collaborations will remove friction from the end-to-end health experience for the benefit of people living with different conditions and conveniently alleviate pain points along the way.

Our collaborations

Seamless, personalized people-centric health journeys for better outcomes

Designing a people-centric digital health system begins with putting the individual in the driver’s seat and creating accessible, personalized, integrated journeys for people living with different conditions and needed care where digital touchpoints and in-person interactions are conveniently and seamlessly connected through technology and intersect logically with the person’s lifestyle. The successful design of people-centric health journeys includes:

  • Trust – Medically valid, effective treatments and digital solutions brought together under a trust brand and in one objective place for health.

  • Personalized health experiences – Better quality of life empowered through convenient, personalized and seamless health experiences fitting individual’s specific condition and preferences.

  • Data and Analytics – Enabling personalization and continuous measurement of impact on lives and changing preferences and needs.

  • Technology – constructing an architecture to frame, enable and orchestrate the components of the different health journeys.

  • Collaborations – connecting our expertise and best-in-class solutions to empower new innovations feeding into the individual journeys and all coming together in one place, one ecosystem.

Leading e-prescription

Simpler, more convenient access to treatment solutions

The mandatory introduction of e-prescription (eRX) in Germany in 2022 will unlock the prescription (RX) market for e-commerce. The Zur Rose Group was the pioneer of eRx in Switzerland back in 2001. With our subsidiary eHealth-Tec and together with IBM, we have been actively involved in designing the German eRx system, helping to create the nationwide eRx server infrastructure. With our leadership position in Germany and ability to conveniently distribute pharmaceuticals, we are ideally positioned to enable millions of people throughout Germany to gain quick access to their individual treatments and medication – with ease.

Investment case
Placing people

At the heart of everything we do - Europe-wide

DocMorris, our European people-centric ecosystem brand, believes life is worth living to the fullest and empowers every single person to better manage their health their way, so they can live on their terms and with better outcomes. The brand aims to create a trusted relationship with people and specifically those affected by a chronic disease bringing them confidence in their health journeys through personalized treatments and digital health solutions that can simply be embedded into their daily lifestyle. DocMorris is present across key markets in Europe (Germany, Spain and France) in which it’s expanding quickly people’s ease to access a network of digital solutions including telemedicine and a broad range of pharmacy products (beauty and personal care, over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions).

Our people

Our superpower

The Zur Rose Group is at the start of building the European Healthcare Ecosystem. We have big ambitions and work on to push the boundaries in healthcare both internally and with our strategic partners, to create people-centric healthcare. We are not just another tech company. We look at the horizon and strive to bring the future closer. We are entrepreneurs that strive to deliver up to our dreams.

Zur Rose Group Careers
From left to right: Florian Seubert, Volker Amelung, Thomas Schneider, Walter Oberhänsli, Stefan Feuerstein, Christian Mielsch

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