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In our core markets of Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France we are present with different brands and business models in the healthcare sector of prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as consumer health, beauty and personal care products. By building THE European healthcare ecosystem, we are creating a powerful future for stronger brands and even bigger market shares.

Our successful


The Zur Rose Group manages multiple brands with different business models in four key markets in Europe. In Switzerland and in Germany, we have leading shares in the online pharmacy market with our Zur Rose and DocMorris brands. In Spain and France we operate with PromoFarma and DocMorris as a marketplace for consumer health, beauty and personal care products.


Markets we operate in

In Europe, the Zur Rose Group is the undisputed e-commerce pharmacy retailer. Currently our brands are concentrated on Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain.

However, we know the entire market is undergoing fundamental realignment driven by key social, digital, technological and regulatory changes.


The German market

The Germany segment includes all activities related to digital holistic health care - from diagnosis during online doctor consultations to pharmaceutical advice and the required medication, health product or digital health service. With over 10 million active customers, DocMorris is the #1 online pharmacy in Germany and has a 64% brand awareness score. In 2020, net outside sales in Germany was 1,096 million CHF. We also lead the telemedicine market with our TeleClinic platform and with our eHealth-Tec brand we are the leading provider of health tech solutions in the prescription process.

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Online pharmacy in Germany

0 64%

DocMorris brand awareness in Germany

0 1096

Million CHF external revenue in 2020

One of

The leading Swiss pharmaceutical suppliers

In Switzerland, Zur Rose is one of the leading online pharmacies and medical wholesalers. Working closely with several key partners, we offer services that go far beyond the supply of medicines.

For example, we have created innovative services together with health insurers, programmes designed to improve treatment adherence, HomeCare that supports complex medication therapies, and an innovative individual medication blistering service called Dailymed.

Zur Rose is a founding partner and tech provider for the digital health platform Well, which links all relevant players on the healthcare system. Another Zur Rose subsidiary BlueCare, develops innovative solutions for service providers and supports the medical profession particularly in the digitalisation of practice processes. 

In a joint venture with the Migros subsidiary Medbase, Zur Rose operates an online marketplace for beauty and personal care products and an omni-channel offering with seven shop-in-shop pharmacies in Migros supermarkets.

In 2020, the Zur Rose Group generated sales of 593 million CHF in Switzerland.

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Medical wholesaler in Switzerland

0 #2

Online pharmacy in Switzerland

0 593

Million CHF turnover in 2020

0 54%

Zur Rose brand awareness in Switzerland

And in


Our European market is currently made up from PromoFarma and DocMorris, which are the two leading marketplaces for consumer health, beauty and personal care products in Spain and France, serving around 8,000 brands.

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers supply the products and ship them directly to customers. We manage the entire digital backend and shipping processes to ensure an efficient, effective and positive shopping experience for consumers. This means our affiliate partners have fast access to a proven e-commerce platform with exceptionally low investment requirements.

In 2020, the Zur Rose Group generated sales of 66 million CHF in our European markets.

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Pharmacy marketplace in Spain

0 #2

Pharmacy marketplace in France

0 66

Million CHF turnover in 2020

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