We are

committed to diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are part of our everyday work culture. Becoming a champion of D&I is a key part of our sustainability strategy.

Diversity is in our DNA

We seek to be as diverse as our customers. We use inclusive language, both written and spoken, as well as in pictures and video. D&I is one of the fundamental topics of our sustainability strategy.


We appreciate

We appreciate and value the diversity of humankind. Our goal is to treat everyone with respect and gratitude. No two humans are alike.


We strive

We strive for diversity and inclusion in our workforce. We do not discriminate in terms of age, cultural background, disabilities, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


We provide

We provide a work environment that is equitable, in which everyone is treated fairly and can take advantage of equal opportunities to flourish.


We encourage

We encourage people to be themselves and be open minded. To ask questions and engage with one another, learn from each other and connect through self-organised networks or events.


We support

We support and advocate for people on the entire spectrum of human diversity to speak up, to hear their perspective and help them to co-create the future of our organisation.

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