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Being Europe’s leading online pharmacy and fast becoming #1 medical wholesaler in Switzerland, we strive to ensure our culture and our benefits match our business stature.

Everyday life at the Zur Rose Group

Life at Zur Rose Group

Group-wide careers

They say "you come for a job, but you stay for a career". Our group-wide performance and talent management framework supports the individual development of all our employees. A mix of self-driven and guided development programs are the basis for learning, growing and employee development. Talent development is one of the key elements of our comprehensive sustainability strategy.
At the Zur Rose Group we have career growth opportunities at every level and function within our e-commerce, medical and pharmaceutical brands across Europe. The roles we offer are not just limited to corporate leadership and management positions. On the contrary: we are looking for talented people in data and analytics, software development, customer relationship management, logistics and digital marketing. We are always open to talk to people passionate about health.

5 benefits of working with us

International brands & colleagues

Our colleagues come from all corners of the world bringing with them diverse perspectives and talents, languages and culture, all operating together across markets: Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. 
We are the #1 online pharmacy in Europe, buidling on this achievement with a renewed vision of becoming the leaders in digtial health solutions across the European market. You can find the Zur Rose Group in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands with more markets to follow. The way we do it is with a truly international team. You will be working with talented colleagues from all over the world providing a fantastic environment to work, learn and grow.

Future of work

The world has had to change and adapt very quickly in the last few years and out of this massive amount of pressure and collaboration humans created the “new way of working”, a diamond of innovation. The modern workplace is now full of virtual meetings, working mobile, working from home, digital time tracking, flexi hours and locations, and the Zur Rose Group is no different. We have worked hard to design flexible and accommodating environments for both onsite and remote spaces. Safe, simple and secure tools and workstations, collaborative tools and software and the flexibility of teams to manage their time and location – we make it work by putting people first.

The quest for excellence

The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in our DNA. Day by day, we push the boundaries in healthcare. Our superpower is our peoples’ drive, dedication and ability to turn ideas into realities. We are proud of our Swiss heritage: finding solutions to big problems in the world, rooted in technology and precision and with strong respect for healthcare. As such, we commit to the highest principles but also the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.

Never ending opportunities for growth

You might join for the job, but you stay for the career. At the Zur Rose Group, there are never ending opportunities for growth and development waiting to be discovered and explored. We actively encourage and give access to self learning programs, pursuing individual development paths with mentors or managers, and explore new roles all across our group-wide career landscape. To us, growing our business goes hand in hand with providing the best possible environment for talent to develop and giving them the space and flexibility to do so. 

A truly collaborative culture

At the Zur Rose Group, we believe in the transformative and unlimited power of humankind. We base our behaviors on universal human values and practice a work environment in which people from intern to board member, from logistics expert to data analyst, work together at eye level. The Zur Rose Group team culture stands for co-creation, involvement and empowerment to work together towards our shared vision.

We care for you

We value our employees. They are the heart and soul of the Zur Rose Group and we have developed a range of benefits to show our appreciation for their commitment. Fair salaries, great pension plans, child care subsidy, fun events, team building, generous vacations, top class insurance, commuting expenses, paternity and maternity leave. These are just to name a few of the wonderful benefits. 

Your workplace well-being

All our offices have ergonomically designed workstations with accessibility in mind. No matter your working style or need for the day. One can stand tall at a desk, bounce ideas off of colleagues in an open space, book silent cabins to focus or make calls, or maybe you like the buslte of a micro-kitchen. You have the power to work where you work best. Along with flexible working time models and home office options. And of course we offer all employees free healthy snacks and refreshments to keep you hydrated and full of energy.

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